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HiddenBubbles Mac 1.0

... Remake of classic Buns-n-Move-Bubble game is waiting for you ... This puzzle-bubble game that will keep you busy for ... Shoot and destroy the bubbles before they fill your screen. Bash the bubbles ... hours of completely free game play ...

Games Play - Arcade 2012-06-28 downloaded 22 times 4.5MB

Adapter for Mac 1.4.3

Easy to Use Presets We know you don`t want to spend hours fiddling around with the video export settings, so we`ve already figured that part out for you. Just select your favorite device, audio format or image type from our list, click convert and we`ll handle the rest! Save to iTunes, iPhone and iPad If all your favorite toys have a lowercase "i" in front of them, then you probably want to see your converted files end up in...

DVD, Video & DivX - Conversion 2012-09-01 downloaded 98 times 7.6MB for Mac

... simple screen sharing tool for meetings on the fly.Get everybody on ... simple screen sharing tool for meetings on the fly. ...

Live Communications - Other Comms Programs 2012-05-21 downloaded 48 times 2.19MB

Freeware Sky Mac

Sky Mac 2.0.452

... Mac OSX client for Lync 2013, Lync 2010, Skype for Business, 365. Voice calls, conference calls, meetings, chat, group ... more stable, more user friendly than standard MS Lync for Mac 2011. Tested on Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan. Focused ... servers to make sure this client and all Lync/Skype for Business clients run smoothly. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Alternative Mac ... Client for Lync and Skype for Business February 26, 2016 ...

Live Communications - Messengers & Chat 2016-06-29 downloaded 35 times 34.8MB

TheBlu for Mac 2.2.1

theBlu is a socially-connected, global interactive application. Each time you participate, your interactions and connections impact the flow of life in theBlu and everyone's experience of it. Each time you purchase beautiful species and habitats to add to the globally-connected Ocean, you support oceanic conservation. Explore and experience a beautiful online 3D underwater world as easily as browsing the Web.

Screen Savers - Others ScreenSavers 2012-11-23 downloaded 54 times 38.08MB

Freeware Sector A MAC

Sector A MAC 1.0

... New free shooting fighting war game by You are ... robot commando that has several types of weapons: gun, shotgun, submachine gun and sniper rifle as ... from monsters and the most important to kill their boss. ... There are seven addictive and skill levels. Download and play completely free for Windows and ...

Games Play - Strategy 2012-11-06 downloaded 23 times 0.01MB

Dishbase for Mac 1.4.2

... convenient recipe browser powered by recipe database. Pick ... convenient recipe browser powered by recipe database. Pick ...

My Hobby & Education - Food & Cook 2011-07-14 downloaded 31 times 0.46MB

HeliosPaint for Mac 1.6

... feature-rich, easy-to-use and powerful paint program for editing photos, drawings and icons on Apple Mac OS ... choice of width, dash pattern and arrow head. Paint Brushes and eraser with adjustable size and edge ... feathering. Spray Can. Airbrush for copying one area of an image to ... another for retouching, healing and blending. Paint Can with local and global replace ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2013-11-15 downloaded 34 times 1.56MB

1Password for Mac 3.5

... 1Passwd for Mac is the top-rated Password Manager and Web Form ... that completely automates password entering and form filling. 1Passwd for Mac ... single click. 1Passwd, Roboform, Password management, Password Manager,password manager software,network password ... manager,password managers,password manager download,random password generator,password security software,protect passwords,autocomplete passwords,forgotten passwords,password security,password storage,password keeper software,password keepers,password store,password organizer,ie ...

Computer Networking - Browser Add-Ons 2010-05-01 downloaded 47 times 2.61MB

ZapitSMS for MAC 1.0

... ZapitSMS for MAC is an advanced yet simple to use PC ... replies can be viewed in your ZapitSMS for MAC inbox, in the ZapitSMS administration website and you ... The address book is accessible by ZapitSMS for MAC and the ZapitSMS web based interface from any ... the desktop software installed. With ZapitSMS for Apple Mac it has never been easier to send SMS ... Outlook SMS and Windows, Lotus Notes and Apple Mac clients. ...

Live Communications - Beeper Tools 2009-06-02 downloaded 82 times 0.14MB

Calculator++ for Mac OS X 1.1.2

... Java arbitrary-precision, scientific and unit conversion calculator for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris.Java arbitrary-precision, scientific ... and unit conversion calculator for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris. ...

Economics - Calc & Conversion 2009-09-17 downloaded 75 times 1.85MB

Trikanoid for Mac 1.2

... modern remake of the famous Arkanoid arcade game from the 80s All features of the original ... End of game monster ... different in game music scores ... different in game soundscapes ... additional scores, for menu, game won etc. ...

Games Play - Arcade 2013-02-25 downloaded 26 times 80.1MB

TodoPlus for Mac 2.52

... Free task management software. Organize large to-do lists the easy way. Focus on your most important ... Free task management software. Organize large to-do lists the easy way. Focus on your most important ... TodoPlus is designed with productivity and simplicity in mind. It is fast to ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2014-03-30 downloaded 65 times 6.27MB

Freeware PassDB Mac

DownloadRoute excellent awardPassDB Mac 1.0

... Based on FileMaker 8.5, including Runtime. Version for Mac OS XDatabase to store and manage your Accounts, ... Based on FileMaker 8.5, including Runtime. Version for Mac OS ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Other 2008-01-16 downloaded 68 times 29.26MB

DownloadRoute excellent award

... test builds are now available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS ... test builds are now available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS ...

Web Design - HTML Editors 2008-01-18 downloaded 83 times 11.43MB

Postbox for MAC OS X 3.0.11

... search for almost anything across all of your email accounts. Use the Search Panel to quickly search by ... found. Compose Sidebar Get fast access to your email content when you need it most ... The inline Contacts Panel provides fast access to address book data and ...

Computer Networking - E-Mail User Agents 2014-06-19 downloaded 184 times 7.52MB

Icons8 for Mac 5.6

... up to 512x512 px, in several styles. The application resides in status bar and allows to search ... fee. The application resides in status bar and allows to ... Superfast -2 seconds to find an icon and insert it into your work ... files are on disk -browse the folders with Finder, all icons are there ...

Graphics & Design - Icons Editors 2017-05-26 downloaded 27 times 53.45MB

Freeware WAKFU (Mac)

WAKFU (Mac) 1.0

... Without politics, the world could have given in to savagery ... The turn based tactical combat system offers to measure yourself with ... put your strategic sense to the test. Progressive ecosystem: In WAKFU, your actions impact on the environment. ...

Games Play - Play Online 2012-03-26 downloaded 28 times 7.69MB

Freeware Unzip Mac

Unzip Mac

... Unzip Mac utility can be used to zip and unzip ... Mac files on all popular versions of Mac Machines such as Mac OS ... zipped files from virus and malware attacks. Unzip Mac software is useful at compressing ... for backing up data etc. Uses of unzip Mac file software are faster download, multiple files in ... GB size files on Mac machines. This tool is recommended by so many ... to compress and uncompress files and folders on Mac Books. And one more, it is available in ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2014-10-13 downloaded 27 times 8.2MB

GanttPV for the Mac v0.10

... Create project schedules and plan task assignments. Create follow-up lists. Display gantt charts. Manage ... work loads. Define project tasks, task durations, dependencies, start dates, holidays, and normal work ... hours. Calculate task end dates and float. Reuse template projects. Define ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2008-10-30 downloaded 63 times 15.53MB

Freeware IrriPro MAC

IrriPro MAC 3.9

IrriPro is the most advanced software on the market capable of designing irrigation systems of any complexity and size in an easy, powerful, innovative and productive way.

Graphics & Design - CAD & Vector Graphics 2017-06-22 downloaded 46 times 165.43MB

5KPlayer for Mac 4.9

... new-style free media player for Mac OS as all-in-one HD video ... DVD on Mac flawlessly. Incorporating Apple ... easier to stream media from iPad, iPhone to Mac or from Mac to Apple TV. Moreover, with ... demands. Just feel free to download this unique media player and enjoy ... 1. Play any media formats on Mac OS, including 4K ... receiver, free stream music/videos from iPhone, iPad to Mac, or from Mac ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Editors (Video) 2018-02-12 downloaded 69 times 38.29MB

PhoneBrowse for Mac 3.1.0

... Manage iPhone, iPad, iPod touch PhoneBrowse is completely free iPhone browser for the users who get confused when they ... App save data, and then transfer them to Mac computer for backup use. Through exploring contact, note, ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2015-01-16 downloaded 38 times 5.17MB

Bitcoin for Mac OS X 0.9.2

... your wallet installed, it will generate your first Bitcoin address and you can create more whenever you ... need one. You can disclose one of your Bitcoin addresses to your friends so that they can ... do at this point is to get some bitcoins and to keep them safe. In order to ... start using Bitcoin, you are not required to understand the technical ...

Economics - Money Management 2014-06-17 downloaded 121 times 12MB

NeatMP3 for Mac 3.0.0

... NeatMP3 for Mac is ... free yet powerful music organizer software that will enable you to easily merge, ... organize, rename and edit the tags of all the audio files on your Mac. ... Do you have thousands of poorly labeled music files scattered all around your hard drive that ... This is where NeatMP3 for Mac comes in with its intuitive interface and powerful ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Library Managers 2015-09-08 downloaded 438 times 14.94MB

PowerFolder Mac 9.3.120

... Sync, Share, Access and Backup your Files with PowerFolder, the multi computer data ... unlimited, encrypted and directly between computers, an optional online storage is is possible. For better transfer speed Powerfolder ... PowerFolder server, you even can run your own online storage on your own servers. ...

Computer Networking - File Sharing Programs 2014-05-23 downloaded 57 times 8.97MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSpin Around (Mac) 1.2

... variation of the classical align three coloured balls. You have ... columns, filled with random coloured balls. There are ... of the board left or right trying to align them, or if you ...

Games Play - Memory 2008-01-25 downloaded 57 times 4MB

Proto for Mac OS X 1.0

Requires current nightly build of Firefox 3. Get it here

Mozilla Extensions - Themes 2009-01-31 downloaded 61 times 0.66MB

Freeware Mac Shortcuts

Mac Shortcuts 0.5.2

... Adds some Mac keyboard shortcuts to Firefox on Windows and Linux. ... PreferencesAdds some Mac keyboard shortcuts to Firefox on Windows and Linux. ...

Mozilla Extensions - Others Add-ons 2009-11-17 downloaded 61 times 0MB

Ubuntu One Mac 4.0.1

... Your personal cloud Ubuntu One makes it easy to back up, sync and ... cloud by adding them to the sync list. Ubuntu One will take care of the rest. Share and ... Sharing with Ubuntu One is easy and secure. You can share photos ...

Computer Networking - File Sharing Programs 2013-03-15 downloaded 93 times 35.4MB

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