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Millions in Photo Frames 1.00

100 most expensive painting on your desktop!

100 most expensive painting the world on your desktop! Every day a new picture of the new photo frame! Our pictures will not take much space, you can hang it anywhere on your desktop! You can also select a frame for the picture.

Freeware | Jan 23, 2013 | downloaded 66 times | 25.98MB

SSuite Photo Gallery Portable 4.2

Save your favourite images to multiple albums

... SSuite Photo Gallery Portable is ... program which allows you to easily create albums from your image files, in ... installation is not necessary, you can store SSuite Photo Gallery Portable on ... directly run its executable file. But the most important fact is that your Windows registry keys will ...

Freeware | Oct 19, 2017 | downloaded 173 times | 5.58MB

Freeware Download FotoSketcher 3.30
FotoSketcher 3.30

FotoSketcher turns photos into art, for free!

... free and automatically turns digital photos into beautiful drawings or paintings in seconds. With the click of ... button any photo can become ... pencil sketch, oil painting, watercolor, pastel, drawing, cartoon, pen and ink, sepia ...

Freeware | Feb 1, 2017 | downloaded 744 times | 8.43MB

Freeware Download Pixeloise

simple to use yet powerfull photo manager

... simple to use yet powerfull photo manager, used to watch, process and share images. Key ... Virtual folders, Dynamic image processing, Public API for image processors, Support for batch processing, Seamless ... integration with remote image sharing services, Highly customizable, hardware accelerated UI, Flexible file ...

Freeware | Dec 15, 2012 | downloaded 63 times | 48.41MB

YoudamanSoft Picture Organizer 1.0

Easily organize your favorite pictures

... simple. With YoudamanSoft Picture Organizer, you could ... in the future, we prepare to let YoudamanSoft Picture Organizer free to make photobook for you ...

Freeware | Apr 2, 2011 | downloaded 77 times | 1.37MB

Freeware Download Ajax Photo Gallery 1.0

A simple FREE tool called Ajax Photo Gallery!

... simple Free Web Photo Gallery allows you to create ... drop your photos into Ajax Photo Gallery window, select the style of thumbnails and the ...

Freeware | May 19, 2010 | downloaded 78 times | 5.72MB

Freeware Download EXIF Toolbox 1.01
EXIF Toolbox 1.01

Right-click and view all EXIF data.

... Right-click on your photos and view all EXIF data. Easy to use utility that shows hidden ... data about your photos. Features ... compliant, shows all EXIF data, GPS coordinates, Works with Windows 7, Vista and XP, ... Easy-to-use application, just right-click on your JPEG photos and select properties. ...

Freeware | Nov 18, 2009 | downloaded 91 times | 0.4MB

Image Hosting Picture Gallery Script

... Image Hosting Picture Gallery Script designed to be easy to use and install ... as well as different visual styles.Image Hosting Picture Gallery Script designed to be easy to use and ...

Freeware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 150 times | 0.05MB

Freeware Download Ordner 1.10
DownloadRoute excellent awardOrdner 1.10

Ordering photos on multiple [auto]categories.

... UNICODE program that keeps JPEG photos in order, using multiple hierarhical categories and auto-categories ... and where the picture was shot, to create albums, to mark favourites, etc. CDs can also be ... browsing. Export function allows creating template based HTML albums, autorun CDs with Ordner and its database, backup ...

Freeware | Feb 5, 2008 | downloaded 164 times | 1.14MB

Freeware Download PhoA 1.1.9
DownloadRoute excellent award

Free Photo Album

... and organize all of your photos and other images the way you can easily find and view ... wizard, adjustable Slide show, custom views and much more.PhoA is ... and organize all of your photos and other images the way you could easily find and view ...

Freeware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 149 times | 2.94MB

Freeware Download Panorado Flyer 1.2
DownloadRoute good awardPanorado Flyer 1.2

Tool for linking photos and locations

... Panorado Flyer is ... simple geocoding tool for linking JPEG image files to the location where the picture ... coordinates. It can be lauched from the Windows Explorer`s context menu. The coordinates of the place where ... the photo was taken are stored within the JPEG file in EXIF format ...

Freeware | Dec 15, 2008 | downloaded 124 times | 0.22MB

Freeware Download imgSeek 0.8.6
imgSeek 0.8.6

Photo collection manager and viewer

... free open source (GPL) photo collection manager and viewer with content-based search ... The searching algorithm makes use of multiresolution wavelet decomposition of the query and database images. ...

Open source | Jan 29, 2010 | downloaded 156 times | 5MB

DownloadRoute cool awardVevo! CatalogBuilder-Freeware Version 2.3.3

CatalogBuilder is Do-IT-Yourself Catalog Tool

... CatalogBuilder is free catalog builder for business and personal use, as web catalog ...

Freeware | Jan 24, 2008 | downloaded 169 times | 14.5MB

Freeware Download Orange Photo Editor 1.00
DownloadRoute good awardOrange Photo Editor 1.00

A program to view and manage your photos.

... Orange Photo Editor is an easy-to-use program that allows you to ... view, manage and publish photos on your website. It create thumbnails, resize photos ...

Freeware | Feb 1, 2008 | downloaded 110 times | 0.55MB

Freeware Download PrintMyPhotoBook 3.0
DownloadRoute excellent awardPrintMyPhotoBook 3.0

Digital images printed and bound in a book

Your digital images are printed and bound in a book. Select your most beautiful pictures, re-arrange them and tailor them to your needs. You can also add text or captions, binding, and colors. Book is shipped directly to your home in about 9 days.

Freeware | Jan 25, 2008 | downloaded 131 times | 4.48MB

Freeware Download Diffractor 119
DownloadRoute excellent awardDiffractor 119

Lightweight photo and video management.

... Diffractor unifies managing photo, video and audio files. If you centralize media on ... formats and compliments other media applications.Diffractor unifies managing photo, video and audio files. Optimized for graphics cards ...

Freeware | Sep 2, 2018 | downloaded 144 times | 14.2MB

Freeware Download PHPShow 3.2

PHP Photo browser and fading slideshow script

... This script simply goes in ... browser overview with automatically generated thumbnails, on ... can even give the option to download instant zip archives of all photos to make picture sharing ...

Freeware | Nov 10, 2008 | downloaded 202 times | 0.03MB

Freeware Download Free Slideshow Maker 5.5.2
Free Slideshow Maker 5.5.2

Feature-rich and easy slideshow maker.

... brainlessly easy free slideshow creator tool that can turn your photos and other ...

Freeware | Jan 14, 2017 | downloaded 235 times | 7.22MB

Freeware Download F-Spot 0.8.2
F-Spot 0.8.2

Full-featured photo management application.

... shown. F-Spot supports 16 common files types, including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, and others. Import your photos ... shown. F-Spot supports 16 common files types, including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, and others. ...

Open source | Dec 20, 2010 | downloaded 86 times | 3MB

Freeware Download Picasa 3.8
DownloadRoute excellent awardPicasa 3.8

Organise all the photos on your computer

Picasa instantly locates and organises all the pictures on your computer.

Freeware | Sep 16, 2010 | downloaded 330 times | 4.49MB

Freeware Download Free Photo Album Maker 2.0
Free Photo Album Maker 2.0

Best free and easy Flash photo album maker.

... Free Photo Album Maker is ... totally free and fascinating Flash album studio. On the step wizard interface, you can quickly ...

Freeware | Oct 27, 2009 | downloaded 57 times | 11.29MB

Freeware Download Photo! 3D Album 1.2
DownloadRoute excellent awardPhoto! 3D Album 1.2

Your photos in picturesque 3D galleries

... This freeware program lets you place your photos into ... your 3D albums on the net in popular shockwave format. Installation file also includes Photo ... 3D Screensaver 1.2. ...

Freeware | Oct 27, 2008 | downloaded 156 times | 31.67MB

Freeware Download Visual SlideShow 1.7
Visual SlideShow 1.7

Free SlideShow Maker for Mootools script

... Make SlideShow with Free SlideShow Maker. This photo slideshow is ... Make SlideShow with Free SlideShow Maker. This photo slideshow is ... Make SlideShow with Free SlideShow Maker. This photo slideshow is ... and your own photo SlideShow is ready ...

Freeware | Jan 7, 2013 | downloaded 66 times | 6.27MB

Makes Your Multimedia Portfolio all in Flash

Makes, Publish online, Update Your Multimedia Portfolio with the images of new works every time you desire at zero cost independently all in Flash with a few click. Today You can: Take advantage from new communication technologies Eliminate the costs

Freeware | Jul 3, 2007 | downloaded 87 times | 24.41MB

Freeware Download DoublePics 3.07
DoublePics 3.07

Finds same or similar pictures and movies.

... DoublePics finds and categorizes pictures and movies that are duplicate or similar on ... or network. It does not matter if these pictures have different sizes, different contrast, color or gamma ...

Freeware | Dec 14, 2016 | downloaded 87 times | 6.93MB

Freeware Download NeoPhoto 2.0.1
DownloadRoute excellent awardNeoPhoto 2.0.1

Create Instant Photo Websites

... Instantly create attractive Photo Websites. Resize, rotate, crop, remove red-eye and organize all of your ... digital photos into albums. Add captions. Email entire photo albums, automatically resized with captions included. Create ... professional looking photo website in ...

Freeware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 143 times | 3.88MB

Freeware Download Photo frames free 2.0
Photo frames free 2.0

Photo frames free - Photo of a loved one.

Photo frames free - Photo of a loved one. New photo frame for your desktop. Put a photo of your loved one in the photo frame. The widget has excellent graphics, so it's nice to place it on the desktop.

Freeware | Jun 8, 2017 | downloaded 33 times | 10.71MB

Freeware Download Kids Frames 2.0
Kids Frames 2.0

Kids frames - funny photo frames.

Kids frames - funny photo frames. Vidget- decoration for your desktop. Put a photo of your child on the computer screen. A lot of photo frames to choose from. Versatile, colorful, cartoon characters, flowers and many others.

Freeware | Jan 25, 2017 | downloaded 24 times | 10.86MB

Freeware Download Christmas Photo Frames 2.0
Christmas Photo Frames 2.0

Christmas photo frames - decoration desktop.

Christmas photo frames - decoration desktop. When entering a new year, decorate the house, decorate the Christmas tree, hang garland. To decorate your computer, you do not need to hang on his paper snowflakes.

Freeware | Nov 9, 2016 | downloaded 29 times | 16.4MB

Freeware Download Love Photo Frames 2.0
Love Photo Frames 2.0

Love photo frames - love in the frame.

Love photo frames - love in the frame. Love photo frames - widget for your desktop. Be on the desktop picture of a loved one in a beautiful design. Widget contains a variety of beautiful photo frames on the theme of love .

Freeware | Nov 4, 2016 | downloaded 27 times | 15.58MB

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