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Freeware 3D Morris Prof 4.34MB
3D Morris Prof 1.02

3D Morris Prof

3D Morris Prof 1.02 simulates the famous board game Nine Men's Morris on your PC, including 5 levels from "very easy" to "unbeatable". A realistic physics engine and advanced real-time graphics with realistic sound make this game to a unique experience.

3D Morris Prof 64bit

Board Games Freeware, On February 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 84 times.

Poker Calculator for Online Poker 1.2

Best online poker calculator. Simple to use.

One of the Best online poker calculator for most popular online Poker Rooms. Simple to use. Fast to Win. Download Now and start playing. Great graphical interface, simple and usefull. Try to play with Online Poker Calculator and you will reach your chances.

Poker Calculator for Online Poker 64bit

Casinos & Gambling Freeware, On June 6, 2011 updated, downloaded 110 times.

Freeware Finger Slayer 2MB
Finger Slayer 1.0

Free today only! Finger Slayer

Free today only! Finger Slayer 1.0 is most thrilling reaction time game specially designed for iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4. Test your reaction time by trying to evade the guillotine blade. Simply place your finger on guillotine circle and wait for 3,2,1 & Go count. After Go count remove your finger as soon as blade drops. The longer you wait till the blade falls the higher the score. Also if you remove your finger to early

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On March 28, 2011 updated, downloaded 58 times.

Gnomeo and Juliet Coloring game 1.0

Color the dwarfs' active thrilling days!

A new exciting plot in a film begets a fresh girl game! Meet Gnomeo and Juliet pictures heroes in the latest online game Gnomeo and Juliet Coloring! Color droll dwarfs and their animated days full of events! Online pages of your coloring book reproduce the scenes of Gnomeo and Juliet pictures, so you can delight in the most memorizable movie depictions! Gnomeo and Juliet Coloring is an non-complicated and plain but bright and amusing online game!

Kids Freeware, On January 18, 2011 updated, downloaded 79 times.

Lighting Grid Game (stand-alone free) 2.8

It is a small but funny game.

It is a small but funny game.Click on a grid, it will be surrounded by four grid of colors from white to black or from black to white. Check all changed when the 25 Black, the game victory! Come on!Works with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

Lighting Grid Game (stand-alone free) 64bit

Puzzle solving and Tetris Freeware, On March 25, 2014 updated, downloaded 95 times.

Freeware Animal Right Right Touch 0.75MB
Animal Right Right Touch 3.0.3

It's a casual game.

Animal Right Right Touch 3.0.3 is a casual game.A fun game where you try to make the same animal heads are eliminated.Move the mouse to click on three or more of the same picture elimination.(1)Cute animal heads;(2)Audio support;(3)Shows the game time-consuming and progress;(4)Stand-alone game without networking support.

Animal Right Right Touch 64bit

Kids Freeware, On March 26, 2014 updated, downloaded 93 times.

ABC  matching (Match It) 2.8

It's a funny puzzle game.

It's a funny puzzle game;It's a card matching memory game;The game interface is simple and helps players exercise response capacity, to improve the cognitive abilities of English letters.(1)Three modes:Easy,Normal,Hard;(2)Each model has 9 level;(3)Sequence:Three models of the highest scores will be recorded;(4)Other Function:Eliminate one/Hint/Shuffle/Pause;(5)Stand-alone game without networking support.

ABC matching (Match It) 64bit

Memory Freeware, On March 26, 2014 updated, downloaded 93 times.

Freeware Real Park 26.26MB
Real Park 1.05

Real Park©

Come with Real Park 1.05 in a quiet and relaxing world and chill out from your daily routine. Watch the night sunset and listen to the sound of songbirds. Real Park 1.05 will surprise you with a unique detailed graphic. And the best. It's free!

Real Park 64bit

Simulation Freeware, On February 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 99 times.

Freeware Age of War 2 11.33MB

Age of War 2 is an interesting strategy game.

Age of War 2 1.0 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy’s. The twist of the game is that you can evolve as well as unlock new units and defense means. The more you evolve, the more you will become powerful. Use your mouse to play.

Strategy Freeware, On November 19, 2010 updated, downloaded 101 times.

FreeSweetGames Backgammon 2.2.40

The game of long and short Backgammon

The game of long and short backgammon. You can create different initial position and alter key rules. The main objective of Backgammon is to move all of one's own checkers to the player's home and then remove them from the board. Players move their checkers in counter-clockwise directions. The first player who has removed all the checkers, wins.

Board Games Freeware, On October 26, 2010 updated, downloaded 86 times.

Freeware qeep-juegos 0.11MB
qeep-juegos 2.10

qeep: Juegos multijugador en vivo GRATIS

Qeep es una red de entretenimiento GRATUITA para tu móvil para conectarte con amigos y hacer nuevos. Ya sea que quieras jugar divertidos juegos en vivo, publicar fotos en un blog o enviar mensajes de texto, ataques de sonido o regalos virtuales.

Strategy Freeware, On July 15, 2011 updated, downloaded 84 times.

Sokoban game Stand-alone version 3.1.0

classic Sokoban games.

The classic Sokoban (also known as Sokoban, warehouse manager) games designed to train your logic thinking. In a small warehouse, asked the boxes into the specified location, there will be a little box can not accidentally move or channel is blocked situation, so they need clever use of limited space and access, reasonable arrangements for moving the order of and location, can successfully complete their mission.

Sokoban game Stand-alone version 64bit

Puzzle solving and Tetris Freeware, On March 5, 2014 updated, downloaded 89 times.

Freeware Puzzle RailWay Deluxe 3.47MB

Puzzle Railway is a fun puzzle game

Puzzle Railway is a fun puzzle game. You should build track by moving and turning Puzzle Blocks. Building the track is a puzzle because the game field is made of blocks with rails, traffic lights, tunnels, and coal. You must pick up all the workers.

Puzzle RailWay Deluxe 64bit

Puzzle solving and Tetris Freeware, On October 15, 2010 updated, downloaded 83 times.

Freeware Racer 69.19MB
Racer 0.9.0 RC8

Free racing simulator with open structure

Free racing simulator with very open structure to create your own cars and tracks. Realism and graphics are the main focus points.

Simulation Freeware, On November 11, 2013 updated, downloaded 124 times.

Freeware Peg solitaire 471.8MB

Peg solitaire board game Hi-Q Senko

Peg solitaire 2.2 is a free and fun board game also known as English Peg solitaire 2.2 or Senku. Peg solitaire 2.2 is a board game played with pegs: in the classic mode, the board has 33 positions and 32 tokens because the center position is without form. Peg solitaire 2.2 is to remove the pegs but only with horizontal and vertical movements. To solve the game is to leave only one piece on the board in the center position (which was initially empty).

Peg solitaire MAC

Board Games Freeware, On July 22, 2017 updated, downloaded 82 times.

Freeware Prezzie Hunt 6 23MB
Prezzie Hunt 6 6.0

Easy to play 3D game set in a snowy village.

Easy to play 3D game set in a snowy village environment inhabited by Snowmen, Penguins and Fairies, there are 6 large levels each containing 50 Christmas presents that the player has to find, along the way you will have to negotiate various obstacles, swim with penguins, find keys for doors and gates, catch fairies that carry presents to give to the player or can help the player in other ways.

Prezzie Hunt 6 64bit

Other Games Freeware, On December 7, 2010 updated, downloaded 72 times.

Freeware 15 Ball Game 5.38MB
15 Ball Game 2.0

15 Ball is a free online 3d billiards game.

15 Ball is a free multiplayer online billiards game with lively 3D graphics. It is racked in a triangle and all the object balls are placed randomly. The player who pockets more than 61 points wins the game. The operations are the most similar as you do in your real life. You can compete with and chat with many real players around the world. Tournaments are held every day.

Arcade Freeware, On July 14, 2010 updated, downloaded 80 times.

Freeware Snooker Game 6.53MB
Snooker Game 2.9

Snooker Game is a free online game.

Snooker Game 2.9 is a free multiplayer online Snooker Game 2.9 with lively 3D graphics and a friendly worldwide community. This program includes Full Snooker, Short Snooker, Mini Snooker and Snooker 147, which the operations are the most similar as you do in your real life. You can compete with and chat with many real players around the world. Tournaments are held every day. This program supports 19 types of language.

Sport Games Freeware, On January 1, 2013 updated, downloaded 92 times.

Freeware BrainSpeeder Brain Games 3.25MB
BrainSpeeder Brain Games 3.4.102

Free online brain games and brain teasers

Free brain training with different types of brain games and brain teasers e.g. mental arithmetic, memory training (Mnemonic), speed Sudoku (Speedoku) for all age groups. In the refined online league-system you can match yourself with the rest of the world. Cup ties, championships and the mind games for the Hall of Brain and the Brain of the Day will pep up your grey matter. Also offline usable - online usage requires free registration.

Puzzle solving and Tetris Freeware, On July 7, 2010 updated, downloaded 70 times.

Freeware American Roulette 2.08MB
American Roulette 2.1

Free online auto-play American Roulette.

The American Roulette 2.1 at Online Roulette R is a free game, it has 38 colored and numbered pockets on the wheel which includes number 1 to 36, and "0", "00". The roulette wheel is at the left corner, the history of game is under the wheel, followed the credit board. The 4 buttons on the bottom is where we can start the game. To start the game, first you should place some bets on the number you pick. After clicking the Spin button, the wheel turns.

American Roulette MAC - American Roulette 64bit

Casinos & Gambling Freeware, On August 19, 2010 updated, downloaded 74 times.

Freeware winroulette 2.93MB
winroulette 4.0

valid program for roulette game.

A complete free software based on "strangle" method to win at roulette game. 100% free on Windows operating system. Easy to install and to use.

winroulette 64bit

Casinos & Gambling Freeware, On May 22, 2010 updated, downloaded 109 times.

Freeware Pacman Online 3.35MB
Pacman Online 1.0

The player controls Pac-Man through a maze.

The player controls Pac-Man through a maze, eating pac-dots. When all dots are eaten, Pac-Man is taken to the next stage. Four ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) roam the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man. If a ghost touches Pac-Man, a life is lost. When all lives have been lost, the game ends. Pac-Man is awarded a single bonus life at 10,000 points by default—DIP switches inside the machine can change the required points or disable the bonus lif

Pacman Online 64bit

Action / Shooter Games Freeware, On May 21, 2010 updated, downloaded 48 times.

3D Billiards Online PopGameBox 1.0

PopGameBox is a free multiplayer online game

PopGameBox is a free multiplayer online recreation/sport game with lively 3D graphics and a friendly community. This program includes 3D Pool (8 Ball, 9 Ball and 15 Ball) and 3D Snooker (Full Snooker, Short Snooker and Mini Snooker), which the operations are the most similar as you do in real life. You can compete with and chat with many real players around the world.

Sport Games Freeware, On May 18, 2010 updated, downloaded 73 times.

Freeware CheatBook Issue 08/2009 3.11MB
CheatBook Issue 08/2009 08-2009

CheatBook - Issue August 2009

CheatBook (08/2009) - Issue August 2009 - A Cheat-Code Tracker with Hints, Tips, Tricks for several popular PC Action and Adventure Games. 666 PC Games, 25 Walkthroughs for PC and 89 Console Cheats are represented in this new version from Strategy Games, Adventure Games to Action Games. This Database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases.Games are listed alphabetically in the left-hand window.

Patches & Cheats Freeware, On May 17, 2010 updated, downloaded 62 times.

Freeware Hit-Ball 2.04MB
Hit-Ball 1.2.0

HIT-BALL is a simple shooting game

The Hit-Ball 1.2.0 is a very simple and fun game. The goal of the game is to remove all the colorful balls (which appear randomly) from the screen by shooting them. There is a set of "barriers" that can be used for reflecting the fire to hit the hidden balls :-) Download it from http://game-Hit-Ball

Kids Freeware, On December 23, 2010 updated, downloaded 75 times.

Mobiano Pocket Games Pack - Season 1 1.0

A collection of 4 free pocket pc games.

The Mobiano Pocket Game Pack is a collection of 4 high-quality and classic free Pocket PC games. These fun-filled games provide a refreshing break from your work, making you more productive when you return to your computer tasks. The Pack is very small and addictive and comes complete with full install wizards.

Memory Freeware, On May 7, 2010 updated, downloaded 85 times.

Freeware Touch-type car-racing 0.88MB
Touch-type car-racing 1.0

Touch-type car-racing

Touch-type car-racing 1.0 is a captivating game helping to acquire quick and correct keyboarding skills. The player controls movements of a car by typing commands on the keyboard. A random word with a numeric parameter determining the extent of a movement instruction corresponds to each movement instruction. There exist two playing modes for the game: standard and network ones.

Sport Games Freeware, On May 6, 2010 updated, downloaded 71 times.

Freeware simple Funny Bricks 0.17MB
simple Funny Bricks 3.0

simple and small logic game

In this simple game you must clicks on bricks same color to hide them. Bricks that was upper are falling down. You must hide all bricks. If to think - it's very easy. But sometimes it can be impossible. This game is a little like patience or lines. It's very simple, but it has some tricks.

Memory Freeware, On May 6, 2010 updated, downloaded 55 times.

Freeware Worms Level 2 219.38MB
Worms Level 2 1

Are you ready for Worms Level 2?

After escaping from the sewers, now you're ready for level 2.

Arcade Freeware, On May 5, 2010 updated, downloaded 58 times.

Tukanas Poker Tournament Timer 1.0

Tukanas Poker Tournament Timer

With poker becoming more and more popular by the day, software that deals with Poker tournament management, Poker tournament software and the poker countdown tournament manager is used by many sections of the society like television, games for charities and even homes. Tukanas Poker Tournament Timer 1.0 helps to keep players in the right direction by keeping them informed and keeps the poker tournament running smoothly.

Tukanas Poker Tournament Timer 64bit

Casinos & Gambling Freeware, On May 5, 2010 updated, downloaded 58 times.

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