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Freeware Download My WiFi Hotspot 5.0
My WiFi Hotspot 5.0

Turn your computer into a WiFi hot spot

... The world smallest software to share your wired Internet connection from one PC to other PC or ... mobile devices without using ... WiFi router. If you have ... wired Internet connection and ... wireless network card, you can definitely let your other PC or ...

Freeware | Oct 17, 2017 | downloaded 26 times | 0.49MB

SSuite NetVine LAN Suite 2.2

A full LAN networking communications suite.

... local area networking environment that includes LAN and Wi-Fi. This application is also completely and ... With SSuite NetVine you are able to go completely and ... off-line from the internet to continue having private chats and email with everyone sharing any LAN network ...

Freeware | Mar 9, 2016 | downloaded 61 times | 3.1MB

Freeware Download Skypeman 1.2
Skypeman 1.2

Skypeman - set any ringtone for each contact.

... program to replace the standard ringtones of Skype. The uniqueness of the program is ... separate ringtone for each contact. ...

Freeware | Mar 12, 2014 | downloaded 44 times | 2.6MB

Freeware Download Splash WiFi 1.0
Splash WiFi 1.0

Enable wireless ad hoc

... you can use Wi-Fi on your mobile without access points or routers through the program ...

Freeware | Nov 26, 2013 | downloaded 60 times | 0.17MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardBySoft InternetPal

Monitors Internet connection. Freeware!

... XP program for monitoring Internet connection. Automatically monitors calls and detects connection types. It ... in the system tray. Detailed information about the connections is stored into the log file, and it ... can be showed in table or graphical form. Statistics shows number of connections, upload, download, ...

Freeware | Sep 25, 2013 | downloaded 266 times | 0.87MB

Freeware Download Connection Keeper 17.0
DownloadRoute good awardConnection Keeper 17.0

Prevents your connection from appearing idle.

... Connection Keeper prevents your Internet connection from appearing idle or inactive while using very little bandwidth and ... connection is lost, Connection Keeper can automatically dial back in. For those who ... windows asking if you wish to remain connected, Connection Keeper can automatically simulate ...

Freeware | Sep 19, 2017 | downloaded 280 times | 9.31MB

Freeware Download Net Speed Booster
DownloadRoute excellent awardNet Speed Booster

Net Speed Booster is a good program

... net Speed Booster you can Wizzard any modem, ADSL, Cable, DSL and LAN connection types for maximum ...

Freeware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 119 times | 4.4MB

DownloadRoute cool awardBySoft StayAlive Pro

Keeps your Internet connection alive. Free!

... XP program that simulates Internet activity so you don ... get disconnected from your ISP. Features ... Works with modem, adsl or cable connections ... Simulates Internet activity through HTTP or PING ... when ISP informs you that you are inactive too long ...

Freeware | Sep 25, 2013 | downloaded 281 times | 0.63MB

Freeware Download NETEagle 5.50
NETEagle 5.50

Speedup your internet connection up to 200%+.

... or higher by using NETEagle. NETEagle supports all current Windows versions, and works with ... any internet connection. NETEagle optimizes internet related settings, allowing for faster throughput. ...

Freeware | Jan 19, 2008 | downloaded 172 times | 0.6MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardCable Modem Diagnostic 1.0.3

Cable Modem Diagnostic.

... Output level,Upstream power level,Input level,Downstream power level,Ping of modem,Upstream frequency,Downstream frequency,Model of modem,Downstream signal to noise ratio,Name ... of config file,Detect standby mode of modem.Cable Modem Diagnostic is simple program for remote measuring of ... basis parameters of cable modems. ...

Freeware | Jan 16, 2008 | downloaded 156 times | 0.73MB

YeeChat Free Video Chat Room 1.0

Enable you enter live chat room by a click.

... multiple chat rooms for different chat users, including adult chat, college chat,singles chat, Dating Chat,teen chat, gay chat, ...

Freeware | Jun 19, 2009 | downloaded 124 times | 3.74MB

Freeware Download blackra1n RC3
DownloadRoute excellent awardblackra1n RC3

free unlock for the latest iPhone 3G and 3GS

... the fastest and the most complete jailbreaking and unlocking tool for iPhone running on the latest iPhone ... The latest RC3 version includes blacksn0w which can unlock iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS running 05.11.07 baseband. ... patched the exploit that allowed iPhone users to unlock iPhone ...

Freeware | Feb 4, 2010 | downloaded 408 times | 0.58MB

Network Cable e ADSL Speed 2003Pro

Configure DSL for a better performance.

Configure Cable e ADSL for a better performance while surfing in the web, playing online games and downloading files. It also configures Internet Explorer for better stability.

Freeware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 133 times | 1.99MB

Freeware Download Network Modem Speed 2.1.3
Network Modem Speed 2.1.3

Configure your modem for a better performance

Configure your modem for a better performance while surfing in the web, playing online games and downloading files. It also configures Internet Explorer for better stability.

Freeware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 121 times | 3.11MB

Freeware Download Start Hotspot 1.21.0
Start Hotspot 1.21.0

Share your 3G, 4G or USB Internet connection

... Worlds first mobile hotspot app for Android that can control bandwidth of ... to log.Worlds first mobile hotspot app for Android that can control bandwidth of ...

Freeware | Jun 30, 2017 | downloaded 40 times | 16MB

Chat4Support Operator

Live Chat & Visitor Tracking Solution

... live chat and website visitor tracking softwae solution that can let you to live ... lite, standard, and professional versions.Chat4Support lets you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze ...

Freeware | Feb 23, 2014 | downloaded 48 times | 4.06MB

ServiceDesk Lite 2015 (Free Service CRM) 1.1

Free ready to use serivce crm

Service Desk Lite is free ready to use service management software that enables you to manage Service contracts/AMC and customer complaint life cycle from complaint initiation, assignment to closure in a simpler way.

Freeware | Dec 3, 2014 | downloaded 80 times | 5.06MB

HSLAB Modem Monitor Free

Program for monitoring a remote modem.

... status and performance of the remote(or local ... using in networks, connected to Internet through phone line(modem). Allows on workstations in the network to receive ... the information about status and performance of the modem connection, located on other machine. Designed in client ...

Freeware | Feb 5, 2011 | downloaded 59 times | 2.15MB

Freeware Download EVCSoft 1.07-27
EVCSoft 1.07-27

Download EVCSoft now and get free calls.

... Download EVCSoft and get free calls. EVCSoft lets you make VoIP sip voice-video calls to ... to PC for free, all you need is EVCSoft installed on each machine, ... VoIP SIP gateway provider, phone to computer, phone to phone, ... sms messages, video conferences, voice mail, call forwarding, video messages and more. Download free. ...

Freeware | Jun 28, 2009 | downloaded 0 times | 2.14MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSplit Video Camera for Business 1.0

Split Video Camera for Business. Clone Video

... Split Video Camera for Business. Clone Video Program for Windows. Use your Camera in many ... applications at the same time.Split Video Camera for Business. Clone Video Program for Windows. ...

Freeware | Jan 16, 2009 | downloaded 79 times | 3.5MB

DownloadRoute good awardFree Premium Softphone Software 2.0

Adore Softphone Provides Softphone

... Adore Softphone delivers SIP-based communications and services for PC-to-Phone and ... services surrendering the world at your desktop. The Softphone allows ...

Freeware | Jan 14, 2009 | downloaded 144 times | 0MB

Freeware Download BluePont Mobile 1.1.30
BluePont Mobile 1.1.30

Mobile alert when the right person is close.

... This is Mobile Phone Magic ... your phones alert you both. Private-message ... and possibly meet right away. This is meeting naturally by chance plus defying ...

Freeware | Sep 13, 2008 | downloaded 114 times | 0.16MB

Freeware Download ActiPOINTsnomM
DownloadRoute excellent awardActiPOINTsnomM

Multi line / multi call TSP (TAPI) for SNOM

... multi call TSP (TAPI) for SNOM phones. COMIRELs ActiPOINTsnomM delivers ... TSP (TAPI Service Provider ... for phones of the company SNOM. Initiate calls and ending them using TAPI capable applications like ... or Lotus Notes). Incoming calls will be archived in ActiPOINT ...

Freeware | Nov 9, 2008 | downloaded 92 times | 0MB

Freeware Download NetSuperSonic 2.5

Designed to optimize your internet connection

... software application designed to optimize your internet connection in relation to your Windows Operating System. NetSuperSonic ... is designed to optimize connection-specific settings that can be restored to default with ...

Freeware | Dec 23, 2007 | downloaded 78 times | 2.03MB

Freeware Download NetLimiter 2 Monitor 2.0.10
DownloadRoute excellent awardNetLimiter 2 Monitor 2.0.10

Ultimate internet traffic monitoring tool.

... Monitor is an ultimate internet traffic monitor designed for Win2000 and later. You can use ... it to monitor internet traffic of applications running on your computer. Along ...

Freeware | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 86 times | 2.26MB

Freeware Download Messenger Utility 1.03

Use Messenger Utility to stop WEBPOPUP spam.

... Specially designed for home users, Messenger Utility reconfigures your computer to prevent WEBPOPUP spam adverts. ... you and your family we are giving away Messenger Utility FREE. Messenger Utility is designed to run ...

Freeware | Dec 23, 2007 | downloaded 111 times | 0.03MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFree Net Speeder Lite

Internet Speed Up Lite

... with Internet Speed Up Lite Wizzard any modem, ADSL, Cable, DSL, LAN connections for maximum performance, faster ... with Internet Speed Up Lite Wizzard any modem, ADSL, Cable, DSL, LAN connection types for maximum performance ...

Freeware | Jan 21, 2008 | downloaded 78 times | 0.14MB

Freeware Download StayOn 1.0
DownloadRoute excellent awardStayOn 1.0

Easy to use freeware keep alive tool.

... Freeware tool that makes sure your ISP won ... drop your internet connection. StayON continually connects to servers to keep you from ... being kicked off from your ISP due inactivity. Its easy to use an small ... minimum of RAM memory. Have you ever been disconnected while reading or writing email, reading newsgroups, or ...

Freeware | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 71 times | 0.27MB

Freeware Download The PC Timer 4.0
DownloadRoute excellent awardThe PC Timer 4.0

The PC Timer, an easy to use timer and alarm.

... The PC Timer, an easy to use countdown timer and alarm clock. Minimizes to the system tray. ... Reappears when the timer expires, and ... custom message when the timer expires, and ... playing on the computer more efficiently, The PC Timer is the answer ...

Freeware | Jan 23, 2008 | downloaded 98 times | 0.63MB

Freeware Download Duax Lite 1.0
DownloadRoute good awardDuax Lite 1.0

Audible modem Internet (dis)connection alarm

... Audible alarm with IP address display for Internet connections ... and disconnections) by dial up modem. Also monitors connections initiated ...

Freeware | Jan 31, 2008 | downloaded 68 times | 0.34MB

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